A nation’s progress lies in the smooth and efficient operations and security of enterprises like steel & heavy industries, food & beverages, automobiles, construction, engineering, chemical and industrial gases, paper and cement. For such industries, the SIS Group contributes with the security of their foundation despite tough geographical terrains, hostile and political environment, ensuring that the security and efficiency of operations and manufacturing are never compromised.

Steel & Heavy Industries

A nation’s core manufacturing sector is represented by its metal and mining industries. They directly impact the economic growth of the country and create a lot of ancillary manufacturing and service jobs.

SIS Group’s nationwide reach enables us to offer services even in the toughest geographical terrains. Additionally, we are capable of handling hostile and sometimes politically challenging environments. Our range of services includes access control, visitor management, parking management and gate and inventory management with support in crisis management.

Other than trained manpower, the SIS Group also provides a QRT team in the event of industrial disputes or other manifestations of unrest amongst workers and contractors employed at mines.

Food & Beverages

The food processing, restaurant and food retail industry has been seeing significant changes in all areas. Increasing urbanization, changes in consumption habits and demographic shifts have contributed noticeably to these changes. The SIS Group offers comprehensive security, janitorial and pest management services to multiple customers in the segment.


In a period of worldwide auto sector gloom, India continues to rise as one of the fastest growing global markets for automobiles. In addition to providing surveillance solutions for Indian, European, Japanese and Korean makers, the SIS Group is deeply engaged in providing manned guarding and janitorial services to all the other arms of the automobile industry. Apart from securing premises and managing and manning gates, our services also help predict and avert manufacturing and supply chain disruptions through business intelligence.


The field of construction is central to the economy and development of a nation as it facilitates investment opportunities across various related sectors. The SIS Group provides security services and facility management to various construction companies across the country. Our services in this field include managing daily labor movement and material at entry and exit, assisting stock keeping and avoiding theft, vandalism and deliberate damage.


The engineering sector is a key facilitator of economic growth because it provides cutting edge products and solutions. The SIS Group offers comprehensive services for security and general pest management.

Chemical & Industrial Gases

The chemical and industrial gases segment provides fertilizers and other chemicals that strengthen the agrarian backbone of the Indian economy. The sensitive nature of materials creates the need for high security precautions in this sector. The SIS Group provides extensive security and pest management control services for the sector and helps create a clean and hygienic environment to protect the companies’ premises and installations from intrusion, which are vulnerable to hostile threats and natural disasters.


The paper industry ensures wide availability of the writing and storage medium to vast swathes of businesses, industries and individuals. The SIS Group covers extensive services for the paper sector as well.


India is the second largest producer of cement in the world. India’s cement industry is a vital part of its economy, providing employment to more than a million people, directly or indirectly. Cement occupies the prime place in all infrastructural development projects. However, most cement plants are located in remote locations, close to limestone mines. The SIS Group, with its vast reach across the country, is among the few security companies able to provide security solutions in these areas.

Industry Clients

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