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Facility Management

#1 Facility Management
Solutions Provider in India

The Facility Management vertical of SIS Group Enterprises, in India offers Tech-enabled FM Solutions to customers across India.

The FM segment of SIS Group Enterprises comprises Dusters Total Solutions Services – DTSS, SMC Integrated Facility Management Solutions Limited, RARE Hospitality, Adis and TerminixSIS.

Together, it is the second largest FM business in the country supported by best-in-class technology solutions, strict SOP guidelines and compliance, world-class products, led by an experienced management team, robust processes, and the use of energy-efficient and modern machinery. The clients of the FM segment are as diverse as our services, ranging from healthcare, and hospitality to IT/ITeS and industrial establishments to retail and residential.

*31st March 2023
Uberizing Hospital Operation

IoT based intelligent portering system that automates all service requests.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Centralizes information and facilitates the processes improving the efficiency of operations and brings cost benefits.

Smart Surface Disinfection Program

SSDP improves efficiency and offers cost benefits.

Next Generation Disinfection System

“90 day sterile surface guaranteed” US/EU EPA approved and ICMR verified

IoT – based Total Facility Management

Digitizing utilities and critical equipment maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality in a highly infectious environment.

What makes us different

Our Solutions

  • Smart Surface Disinfection Program
  • Life Shield – Anti Microbial Program
  • Floor Care Program
  • UV Airborne Infection Control
  • Mechanical and Electrical – Skilled and Licensed Supervisors and Technicians
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Plumbing and Carpentry Energy
  • Management and Cost Optimization
  • HVAC
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Fire and Safety Systems
  • AMC Management
  • Critical Environment Management
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Office Support
  • Event Management
  • Gardening and Landscaping Solutions
  • CRAWL – X For Cockroach, Red And Black
  • Ants RAT- X For Rats, Mice And Bandicoots
  • MUSCA – X For Mosquitos And Flies
  • TERMIN – X For Termite Services
  • AVES X – For Bird Proofing Services
  • TerminixSIS Aerial Disinfection Program For Disinfection Services
  • Front Desk
  • Help Desk
  • Mail Room
  • Transportation
  • Help Desk Concierge
  • Pantry Services
  • Staffing Solutions

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