Cash Logistics Solutions

Cash Logistics

#2 Largest Cash Logistics
Solutions Provider India

At SIS Group Enterprises, we keep the wheels of the economy in motion by managing the fuel of the economy, which is cash. Our cash logistics operations have further diversified our clientele with capabilities spanning cash-in-transit, doorstep banking, ATM-related services, bullion and cash vaulting services. As a result, we are today the second largest cash logistics solutions provider in India and the fastest growing.

*31st March 2022

What makes us different

National Operating Center

National Operating Centre (NOC) is the centralized team for vehicle tracking and controlling movements in vaults and premises.

Vehicle Tracking System and Route Control

Our Vehicle Tracking System allows us to keep a real-time track and control all our vehicles.

Cash Vaulting and Processing

We provide cash sorting and cash processing services at its various branches and customer premises, including bank branches, currency chests and retail outlets.

Proprietary Information Systems

Our integrated systems offer high traceability and consistent data for complete reconciliation.

Handheld Device

Our smart handheld device solution for doorstep banking services ensures real-time updates from the ground to our valued clients.

Bullion Management

We provide door-to-door transportation and vaulting of valuables such as precious stones, gold, silver and jewelry to various destinations across India.

Our Solutions

  • Safe Keeping
    and Vault-related

  • ATM-related

  • cash-logistic

  • Doorstep

  • cash-logistic Pick-up
    and Delivery

  • On-site and
    Off-site cash-logisticiers

  • Bullion

Our Group Companies in Cash Logistics Solutions

Industries We Serve


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