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The SIS Group expanded its operations beyond India in 2008 through the acquisition of Chubb Security Personnel Pty Ltd., Chubb’s Guarding business in Australia, which was later renamed and rebranded as MSS Security, post acquisition by SIS. MSS Security is the joint largest service provider, in terms of revenue.

The company is Australia’s largest physical security services company, employing more than 5,300 security personnel. The range of services includes static guarding, alarm response, first aid support, concierge support, VIP protection, aviation security, emergency response, rescue & paramedical services for remote mining sites. The company services a wide variety of sectors including Aviation, Mining & Resources, Maritime (Ports), Construction, Defence, Consumer, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Government establishments, Industrial, Transport, Utilities, Commercial Facilities, Healthcare, Retail and major events including sporting events security.

Recruitment of guards is done locally (state by state). Most employees are deployed in the same state from which they are recruited. MSS Security launched its training division, MSS Training Academy, in 2009 and currently has four training academies across Australia at Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

The training modules are developed in accordance with the Australian Qualification Training Framework (AQTF)


  • Pan Australia Security Services provider located in all states
  • More than 5,300 highly trained security personnel
  • Capability to quickly scale up trained resources and rapidly respond to emergencies
  • 24-hour support and supervision for our security personnel on site

Our services

The manpower security services that we offer to our clients are not just the protection of property. We protect the people also and make sure of their wellbeing. We try to put in our best Security Services with the amalgamated principles of the Indian Security Guard Service and the Australian counterparts. We always focus on improving our image with our security guard services. It is difficult to beat us in what we deliver. We believe that our security guard agency brand name is because of the efforts that we have put in our services. We will not let it go easily. It has been achieved with a lot of hard work of our security guard personnel.
We stand out from others
There are many security guard companies that offer the guard security services in Australia through the security guards for hire. But we are an agency that stands out from the others through the following ways:

  • We retain some of the best security guards through proper recognition and rewards. This is also another reason why security Officers are keen to join our organization.
  • The employees who work for us have a challenging career that pays back with quality services.
  • The security guard training is imparted through the renowned MSS Training Academy. These trainings can be customized also as per the requirements.
  • All the employees remain engaged actively.
  • The security personnel are trained on safety and fire handling. A sense of safety culture is built within these persons.
  • Our offered forces are scalable and can be increased and decreased as per the needs of the clients.
  • We train our guards about the corporate and the office etiquettes.

Types of security guard services provided by us

We provide a wide variety of security guards depending upon the nature of their services: They are as under:

  • office security guards
  • armed security guards
  • corporate security
  • private security guard
  • night security guard
  • security guard office
  • armed guard
  • company security guard

Manned guarding expertise

The personnel that have been recruited for the manned guarding jobs have the following capabilities:

  • The customers of yours will feel totally secure with the presence of our security guards
  • They have the capacity to suggest the best possible ways that should be implemented to minimize theft risks, accidents or any untoward activity
  • The sheer presence of our guards will prevents the criminals from entering or doing anything that may be nasty
  • They are very good at patrolling. This will be helpful in trespassing and damage created by miscreants
  • They are experts at area managements. If there is a large crowd, they are adept at handling the crowd efficiently.
  • You will always find our guards always dressed in clean uniform. They ring in a sense of professionalism as well as a reassurance of a secured atmosphere.

The persons who are recruited for the security guard jobs have to undergo several stringent tests to qualify for the job. A good degree of physical fitness is required. Their sense of alertness and relevant skills are also tested. All persons do not qualify for the job. A certain extent of educational qualifications is also required. The persons who are selected have to undergo a severe training and pass it to be able to get the security guard license successfully.


Static Security Guarding

Static Guarding, including access control and control room monitoring

Event Security Management

Event Management

Mobile Patroling Service

Mobile Patroling

aviation security

Aviation, Maritime Screening

CCTV Alarm monitoring and response service

Centralised CCTV, Alarm monitoring and response

Business support services

Risk Analysis, Business continuity planning

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