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TechSIS Ltd., our electronic security business was established in India in Year 2011, which consists of providing electronic security as a service (“ESAS”) to business entities as well as Government organizations. We work with reputed system integrators and installers to provide integrated and turnkey electronic security and surveillance solutions combining electronic security with trained manpower i.e. a blend of physical and technology based services, comprising our ‘Man-Tech’ solutions. These services utilize physical security presence with smart use of technology like camera, NFC cards, GPS devices, remote monitoring among others to optimize our service offering. Our service and product offerings also include CCTVs, access control systems, entry automation solutions, intrusion detection systems, scanners and explosive detection, metal detection solutions, fire detection and public address systems.

We provide end to end services including conducting surveys, requirement analysis, solution designing and implementation and installation of electronic security systems. We also offer customized security packages to meet the needs of customers in India in a wide range of industries such as warehousing, construction, retail, banking, educational institutions and hospitality and also provide electronic security solutions to certain customers of our security services in Australia.


  • One stop security solutions provider
  • End to end security system management covering assessment, design, procurement, installation and maintenance
  • Strategic alliances with reputed OEMs for cost effective and tailor-made solutions
  • Fully trained design/ installation engineers with 24×7 system support
  • Man-Tech solutions from one service provider

Why our solutions can be your preferred choice

In the modern age, you cannot think about anything without the proper implementation of technology. We are the one of the preferred agencies for electronic security due to the following reasons:

  • We are providing one of the most advanced electronic security solutions to our customers. We source the products from top-notch digital companies that are manufacturing these products.
  • We will be responsible for the entire electronic security system, right from installation to use.
  • All the security systems including the cctv camera installation and fire alarm system will be handled by us.
  • Our job will not end by installation and usage. We will be responsible for its regular maintenance too. You will not have to take the headache of regular monitoring and see that the functioning is being done here.
  • We provide efficient security staff who have been provided all the required training regarding the handling of all electronic devices.
  • We keep track of the upgradation of technology. Whenever something new and efficient comes up, we present the same to them so that they may get to upgrade them if they feel like doing so.
  • We also arrange for the regular maintenance for the products including the cctv security systems. If they go out of order, the security of the entire complex gets compromised.
  • We also install the fire alarm and the fire alarm panel boards of your company.
  • SIS imparts the regular security and fire training to the members present at the site including the employees of the client company.
  • Our rates are competitive and can be checked with other agencies. We try to increase our customer base. A greater business volume ensures larger revenue for us.
  • We work with the clients as a partner to their goals. The services offered by our staff are beyond comparison. It is on very rare occasions that you may find any lacuna on the part of the security staff of SIS.
  • We have a large experience in handling electronic security gadgets for many companies. We have installed them in the companies of our clients. We are handling them continuously without facing much of issue.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Security of assets is the ultimate priority of any organization. The development of the modern electronic gadgets has strengthened the arms of ours. We use the latest products that are available for maintaining a safe situation. Though, it has made us better equipped, yet it has raised the expectations from us. We have this factor in mind. We always strive to provide the best levels of customer satisfaction. This is only possible to the standards of our security services. The gadgets that are used by us are of the best varieties. Only reputed and branded products are installed. They do not malfunction easily and have a longer life than the cheaper gadgets that are available.

Get all services from us

Get all types of advanced security services from a single agency. We are a provider of all types of security services using the modern gadgets. We can handle all types of requirements without any handicap. We have a large team that has the capacity to handle all types of instruments. It will be easier for you to track all the security related issues at every stage of the process. The management would also be easier as you have to deal with a single agency.


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