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SIS Cash Services, a joint venture with Prosegur of Spain, is the second largest cash logistics service provider in India.

Our cash logistics business consists of the following heads of operations: (a) cash in transit, including transportation of bank notes, coins, smart cards, passports, documents and other valuables, (b) doorstep banking, including pickup and delivery of bank notes, coins, smart cards and any other valuables as well as cash processing, (c) ATM related services including ATM replenishment, first line maintenance services delivered around the clock and cash processing for ATMS including counterfeit note verification, cash sorting and specialized packaging; and (d) safekeeping and vaults related services including transporting and storing valuables such as jewellery, bullion and cash. Through our cash in transit, doorstep banking, ATM related services and bullion and cash vaulting services in our cash logistics operations we service a diverse set of clients which include leading banks, financial institutions, the organized retail industry and jewellery processing units, thus reducing our reliance on any particular set of customers or business segments.

As of Mar 31st, 2017, we provided services in cities and towns across India, including major cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, with a network of 68 dedicated branches including shared branches, having 59 vaults and strong rooms. In addition, as of March 31st, 2017, we operate more than 2,500+ cash vans, both owned and leased. We also operated 2,700+ cash routes and have set up a secure cash processing unit at New Delhi, to service our customers’ needs.


  • 2,500+ cash vans providing services across major cities in India
  • 59 vaults with a network of 68 dedicated branches Pan India
  • 2,700+ cash routes in operation
  • Well-trained crew and personnel with a rigorous process of antecedent checks
  • Automated systems and world-class technology

Our ATM Replenishment Solutions

We do the cash logistic management for ATM replenishment. We are doing this type of cash logistics throughout the country. We are taking the least time in the loading of the cash at the ATMs. We can carry the cash from the bank to the ATMs as a cash logistic management company in the most efficient manner. As one of the preferred currency logistics management company, we do this job for our clients all round the clock. We are among the few cash logistics companies that do the job of ATM replenishment even on holidays and weekdays. Along with the cash replenishment and collection, we also provide the basic maintenance of the ATM related to hardware and software so that users do not face any difficulty in trouble-free operation of the machine. The cash in transit is carried in specially protected vans. Armed security staffs are always present on the vehicle. There has been no untoward incident of cash robbery during the process of transfer till now.

Our solutions for the Retail & Enterprise

We are the one of the premier cash management services India agents for the retail businesses which handle a lot of cash. We pick up the cash from the companies and deposit them in the banks with the Bank cash management services offered by our company. We pick up the cash and carry it to the banks with all the require documentation. The money remains completely safe when we are handling it for you. We can customize the entire process that would solve your convenience. We have a very large network of operations. It will not be difficult any new retail entrant that becomes our client. Their location can be added as a part of our services easily without much change in our route of services. After the deposits, you can see the reports of deposit on the same day itself. Our services are extremely secure and timely. The entire services are very cost-effective and totally under our control and monitoring.

Our solutions for currency management

We carry out the bank cash management services for the movement of notes and coins throughout the country. We are among the leading bank treasury management companies that are using the best surveillance systems during the processes of the transfer to the different destinations. Our company has invested hugely on the technology and the system innovations that have resulted in a much better and secure Currency Management Solutions. We can handle huge currency and its processing. We have the required machines for checking the authenticity of the currency. All the services are provided to the clients well within the same day itself. We have huge systems of vaulting with adequate security measures on transit. A large number of cash officers are also present with us. We own our own fleet. We follow procedures and conduct regular security drills. We also handle bullion and jewellery in an efficient manner. Our services are available all round the clock.

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