V Protect alarm, monitoring and response service


VProtect powered by SIS Prosegur. Vprotect is result of collaboration between SIS Group and Prosegur, a Spanish multinational that provides comprehensive security solutions across 20 countries with about 500,000 clients.

It is a holistic alarm, monitoring and response service for homes, offices and retail spaces, backed by a private emergency response fleet. It is also India’s first video verified and integrated security response service provider.




  • Wireless security solution
  • 24x7x365¬†cutting-edge monitoring center – to monitor the cause of any alarm and notify civic authorities (fire, medical, police) as required
  • Event based recording – to ensure privacy
  • Round-the-clock private emergency response fleet – to defuse emergency situations
  • Regular maintenance and health check of the installed devices conducted by professionals every month
  • Day-and-night beat patrolling by response officers – to identify any out-of-the-normal activity around the property

How our alarm monitoring services can be of help to you

We are one of the leading alarm monitoring companies in India. Our home security monitoring services can keep your home safe. Avail our services and just see the difference in feeling at home.
With the installation of a good alarm monitoring system can give you the following benefits:

  • It protects your valuables: The emergency 24 alarm monitoring is very useful in preserving your valuable things at home. In case someone tries to break in with the intention of theft, the alarm goes off immediately. All the valuables such as cash and jewellery are totally kept protected. All the burglars can be kept at bay by installing this system.
  • Prevents crime taking place: It has been proved when services of an alarm monitoring company are roped in, the committing of crimes goes down gradually in the locality. Even people who d not have the system but live in the same locality are safe in the region.
  • Get remote access to the house: The gsm alarm monitoring will help you to monitor your home by even not staying there. You can install hidden cameras at locations of your choice. Through them, you can see what is going on behind your back also. It is not only the view. You can control and adjust the locks, lights, etc. even by staying outside.
  • Lower maintenance of the security: With the devices of the best alarm monitoring companies, you can be sure of lessening the expenses for the total security deployment. The cost of insurance for the security of the home can also be lessened.
  • You can keep a watch on your kids: The activities of the kids can be monitored. You will be able to know whether they are safe or not.
  • Can be relieved: With the cellular alarm monitoring and installation of the fire alarm monitoring services can make you feel relieved that such disasters can be dealt with in a positive and pro-active way.

How are our services different from other agencies

There are many other agencies that are readily offering similar services. Some of them can even give you the cheapest home security monitoring services. All the commercial alarm monitoring companies do not render the same levels of efficiency. You should collect the alarm monitoring companies reviews before engaging one. We are different from the other companies as per the details given below:

  • The home security alarm monitoring gadgets used are of a superior quality. They will last for a long time. It will make some sense of making this investment. They will not break down easily.
  • The commercial alarm monitoring services given by our company is cost-effective. The costs for the trained employees are much lesser than other companies. This is possible because we have a larger base of customers and we are serving them with a wholesale alarm monitoring facility with multiple variants of gadgets.
  • Our staffs who would be responsible for the monitoring have the relevant training for the wireless alarm monitoring service on a large scale.
  • We have a completely professional approach in the low cost security monitoring services that we offer. All the jobs are done very methodically.
  • The rates charged by SIS are truly reasonable. This is a tedious job and the monitoring has to be done on a continuous service.
  • We have the relevant experience in alarm monitoring and response. This makes us one of the preferred choices in the industry. Our staff has the relevant training that have made them more confident in their jobs.
  • We see to the fact the total customer satisfaction is achieved with the help of our services. If it is not achieved, we ask for a further change in the services that may involve the installation of a more costly gadget.

If you are interested to make your home safer, just give us a ring. We would meet you and have a discussion in details.



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