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In August 2011, SIS entered into a joint venture agreement with an affiliate of Terminix, SVM Services (Singapore) Pte Limited (“SVM Services”) to set up Terminix SIS India Private Limited (“SIS Terminix”) and provide pest control and termite solutions for households, businesses and industrial establishments including distribution of allied pest control products in India. In terms of the joint venture SVM Services provides technical support, knowledge and expertise in pest and termite operating models and customer service solutions to SIS Terminix. Terminix has licensed various operating materials, processes, recipes, information, hardware, methods mechanisms and knowhow to SIS Terminix. SIS Terminix also conducts business through our branches and we provide certain shared services including accounting, legal, insurance, treasury, employee administration. Terminix and our Company have licensed the “Terminix” and “SIS” trademarks, respectively, to SIS Terminix to develop a co-brand ‘SIS Terminix’.

Our services include treatments for termites, cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, flies and other common pests that are health hazards. Our key customer segments include restaurants, food processors, healthcare facilities, lodging and hospitality, manufacturing and warehouses, offices, educational facilities and residences. As of August 1, 2016, TerminixSIS rendered pest and termite control services through 13 branches, including shared branches. Our branches spanned across major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.


  • Ability to quickly scale up using the pan India SIS infrastructure
  • Technical capability & training expertise of Terminix USA
  • Customised solutions and reports delivered by a well-trained team
  • Backed by the “Terminix SIS Problem Solved Guarantee”

Our services

Our SIS termite control team will take the required care for the protection if your assets. We conduct this specialized pest control for all types of places such as offices, homes and commercial establishments. If the termite treatment is not done at the proper time, all your furniture may get damaged.
Post construction termite pest control services
Often Pest & Termite Control is not done before the construction activities. You have to resort to the pos-construction treatments. Here are the reasons for selecting this type of service.

  • We maintain a very high standard of the methods of surveying. If you engage a local pest control service, they may not be able to identify the presence of termites. We use our expertise to find it out.
  • The methods of treatment that are adopted by us are absolutely safe for the humans. There is no reason to panic in fear of human health hazards or side effects.
  • The protection cover that will be given by us will serve you over a long period. If you avail the services from a local pest control company, it may not last long. You will have to redo the service after a couple of years. It will be a higher expense in the long run.
  • We take the greatest care to protect your assets. We see that nothing gets damaged during the course of the treatment.

The advantages you gain by engaging us

There are many termite pest control companies that are operating. Many of them would be ready to provide the services at a relatively low rate. This might seem attractive to you. But, this may also lower the quality of the services. Most of the pest removal companies try to attract customers through this method. We have been serving hundreds of customers since we have forayed into this service. We already have established our reputation as a reliable termite treatment company.
The major advantages that will be gained by you by availing our services are:

  • Experience: We have the required experience for serving our clients. The professionals who are working for us have been into this job with other agencies way before they joined our company.
  • Professional Approach: Our professional approach makes us different from most of the other agencies. We have the respect for you and the inmates of your house during our services at your place.
  • Expertise on the subjects: All the professionals engaged by us have the necessary certifications. They have the government license also to carry out the jobs. They have the required knowledge on the use of the latest technology for driving out termite pests from your home. They are also skilled at handling the most modern equipment.
  • High reliability: We are considered to be highly reliable about our services. The investments which you make will be result-oriented for a long period. You may take a feedback about our services from persons who have benefitted from our job.
  • Serving locally: We serve locally. This makes us to be the most approachable agency providing termite treatment service.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is an important issue for us. We try to achieve it with the quality of our services. You can get a hint of it from our previous customers.

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