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During FY11–15, Indian exports of processed food and related products (inclusive of animal products) increased at a CAGR of 23.3% to US$ 21.5 billion.
The food processing, restaurant and food retail industry has been seeing significant changes in all areas from distribution to legislation.
Increasing urbanization, changes in consumption habits, demographic shifts have led to high growth in the restaurant industry .
Multi-brand food retail with 100% local sourcing has been opened up to 100% FDI investment in Union Budget 2016-17, this is likely to lead to a lot more organized players, both domestic and international.
Food processing also has potential for B2G contracts with PSUs like FCI slowly embracing outsourcing of security, housekeeping, fumigation etc.

The SIS Group offers comprehensive security, janitorial and pest management services in this customer segment wherein each factory or a site comes with its own unique security challenges.
Large number of employees working in their factories, massive warehouses that cater to inbound and outbound logistics, high hygiene standards, high footfalls, remote locations of manufacturing facilities all combine to make the food industry a challenging but exciting industry to service.


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