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India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with many old and grand monuments and sites that offer a window into this rich legacy.
SIS is proud to be associated with protecting the glorious symbols of our past that covers many archaeological treasures and incredible monuments.
We feel honoured to enable every visitor to learn about our history and also handover the precious heritage to the next generation.Protecting these old and sensitive monuments is a very tough task, compounded by extremely high visitors on any given day.SIS brings all its 4 decades of experience to manage the security of these precious assets.SIS extends support for vehicle and visitor management, ticketing, preventing encroachment and defacing of monuments and protection against vandalism
SIS offers security to 18 world heritage monuments and other 44 ASI protected monuments in the country.SIS has the unique honour of securing the world heritage monuments for last two and a half decades from Konark in the east to Ajanta and Ellora in the west, and from Red Fort in the
north to Hampi in the South.


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